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Islamophilia - a very metropolitan malady

Anonym användare
07/03 18:02
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"This is not a book about Islam, Muslims or terrorism. It is instead about those utterly ridiculous public figures — including movie stars, literary giants, pop idols, army generals, bishops, museum curators and politicians — in whom an epidemic loss of cultural nerve and the terror of losing their reputation in fashionable circles has made them victims of the debilitating affliction of Islamophilia. It is savagely, jaw-droppingly, laugh-out-loud funny.’"

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  Douglas Murray

Anonym användare 768 07/03 17:09

  To hell with their culture

Public Service 323 07/03 17:47

  Islamophilia - a very metropolitan malady

Anonym användare 563 07/03 18:02

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