Phorum Database Error

Sorry, a Phorum database error occurred.
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Lost connection to MySQL server during query (2013): INSERT INTO phorum_event_logging (message, loglevel, category, source, details, datestamp, ip, vroot) VALUES ('PHP notice: Use of undefined constant name - assumed \'name\'', 0, 0, 'read', 'Message:\n\nPHP notice: Use of undefined constant name - assumed \'name\'\n\nPHP notice generated at /storage/content/33/148333/\n\nBack trace:\n\nFunction require_once called at\n{path to Phorum}/common.php:718\n----\nFunction include_once called at\n{path to Phorum}/read.php:21\n----\n\nRequest info:\n\nHTTP_HOST =\nREQUEST_URI = /read.php?14,14492,14492\nQUERY_STRING = 14,14492,14492\n', 1547685241, '', 0)


Function phorum_database_error called at
{path to Phorum}/include/db/mysql/mysqli.php:212
Function phorum_db_interact called at
{path to Phorum}/mods/event_logging/db.php:249
Function event_logging_writelog called at
{path to Phorum}/mods/event_logging/event_logging.php:258
Function phorum_mod_event_logging_error_handler called at
{path to Phorum}/include/lang/swedish.php:188
Function require_once called at
{path to Phorum}/common.php:718
Function include_once called at
{path to Phorum}/read.php:21